CORE: Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (Hunting License for BC)

Minimum Age 10

Two-day course: 8:00am -4:00pm with testing at the end of the second day

Did you know: It is necessary to pass the CORE exams to obtain a BC hunter number (FWID). A hunter number (FWID) is required to purchase hunting licences in BC. This not to be confused with the Federal Firearms Acquisition Licence, PAL.

The Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE) course is much more than just passing the tests. In the course, I share valuable hunting knowledge, skills and experiences I have learned over (50) years to help anyone get started hunting and enjoying the outdoors, as a hunter. Such topics include things like field dressing, shot placement, hunting strategies, game behaviours, survival skills, limited entry etc.

The 80-question government test is pulled from the following chapters in the book:

  • Outdoor Ethics and Game Care,
  • Firearm safety and handling,
  • BC Hunting Regulations,
  • Big Game Identification,
  • Bird Game Identification,
  • Survival and First Aid,
  • Conservation and wildlife Management and
  • Indigenous Peoples and Hunting in BC.

Parents can sit in the course with their kids for free if the parents already have their CORE.

Passing the Tests

To pass the two CORE examinations you will need to obtain at least 75% on each exam. One is written and the other is a hands-on practical exam. My job is to prepare you to be successful on the exams. If participants in the class are attentive and participating, the exams are not difficult, and most people pass them.

A CORE manual is needed for this course and can be purchased at Otter Books in Nelson, or they are available from the BCWF:

Some pre-reading is a good idea, but you do not need to study the pages marked “supplemental”, as they are not on the government test. Accommodations can be made for learning or physical disabilities. Retests are to be taken within 7 days and I don’t charge for the retest.

The test is true or false and multiple-choice format with 75% needed in order to pass. People who have passed the PAL practical and can produce the CFSC course report with their test marks on the CFSC report, are exempt from the CORE practical test.

NOTE: It is a good idea to take the PAL first before taking the CORE and make several copies of this CFSC PAL report before sending in your PAL application, so you always have a copy of the CFSC report on hand.

Training Firearms and Ammunition

All firearms and ammunition are deactivated and provided by the instructor. This makes the learning environment a safe place to inquire, examine, explore and handle real firearms under the supervision of an instructor.

Please note that absolutely no live firearms/ammunition are allowed into the course.

Course Dates and Registration

The CORE courses have limited spaces and fill up quickly, therefore, people who register and pay will secure a seat in the course.

There are no refunds for failure to attend the days of the course.

Please check the calendar for upcoming course dates and locations as well as registration information.