R-PAL: Possession and Acquisition License for Restricted Firearms and Ammunition

This Course is required to apply for a Canadian firearms license or a Possession and Acquisition licence (R-PAL) for restricted firearms.

Restricted firearms are typically handguns and restricted long arms (some versions of assault type rifles).

This past December, the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) instructors were notified as to the status of teaching restricted PAL courses (R-PAL). We are to continue offering these as required.

Now you might wonder who would need an R-PAL. There are several reasons why R-PAL is still a thing. People who are applying for employment which puts them in possession, use or handling of restricted firearms. Who might that be? Off the top of my head, some examples would be people entering law enforcement, armored car employees, museum employees, people in the movie industry, security firms, border/customs officers, and the list goes on.

Another category of handgun users are people who wish to take up competitive shooting. Canada produces some world class shooters. There is a class of restricted firearms which can be acquired with an R-PAL. That is restricted long arms. This category has not changed and the government has told us instructors that this is another reason people will still need access to R-PAL courses. 

If you are interested in learning more about gun safety or getting into target shooting, competition shooting or your employment, which may require firearm safety training, this is a fun, hands-on, interesting course which you will enjoy. This is typically a 4-6 hour course.

Anyone over the age of 18 and who have a PAL or have completed the Non-Restricted PAL can take and pass the course. You have to have the Non-Restricted PAL to be in this course.

Course Includes

  • Safety rules (ACTS and PROVE).
  • Loading and unloading of typical handgun action types.
  • Firearms history.
  • Ammunition types (black powder, handgun).
  • Best practices for using a firearm at the range.
  • Overview of Canadian gun laws and regulations.
  • Hands-on practice sessions with deactivated firearms.
  • Federal multiple choice & practical tests (RCFSC restricted).
  • PAL application forms. These are to be submitted by the student after successful completion of the course.

Manual is not included or required but can be obtained at:


  • Anyone over the age of 18 and who have a PAL or have completed the Non-Restricted PAL can take and pass the course.
  • You have to have the Non-Restricted PAL to be in this course.


  • Note taking materials (pen and paper).
  • 1 piece of government issued photo ID.

Passing the Tests

To pass the two CFSC examinations you will need to obtain at least 80% on each exam, the written and practical exam. My job is to prepare you to be successful on the exams. If students are attentive and participating, the exams are not difficult and most people pass them. Everything in the Non-Restricted PAL is on this test and you are required to be fluent in that content. We do not re-teach PAL in this course. Accommodations can be made for learning or physical disabilities. Retests are to be taken within 7 days and I don’t charge for them.

Training Firearms and Ammunition

All firearms and ammunition are deactivated and provided by the instructor. This make the learning environment a safe place to inquire, examine, explore and handle real firearms under the supervision of an instructor.

Please note that absolutely no live firearms/ammunition are allowed into the course.

Course Dates and Registration

The PAL courses are limited to 12 participants per instructor (this is a government mandate). Therefore, people who register and pay will secure a seat in the course. There is no refund for failure to attend. The courses fill up quickly.

Please check the calendar for upcoming course dates and locations as well as registration information.